Request forms

Oligos, sequences, genotyping and general requests (solutions, competent cells, etc)

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Sequencing and genotyping:




General request:


Multiple sample (30) sequencing/genotyping request form
SBM_seq_geno_request_form multiple sampl[...]
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Multiple oligos request form
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General requests
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Request forms (sequences)

Internal users

Online ordering forms at:

qPCR SBM system booking

Gli utenti che si prenotano per la qPCR sono invitati a indicare oltre al nome un riferimento (mail o telefono)


In the qPCR booking sheet qPCR users are invited to add, besides the name, a reference (mail address or telephone)

qPCR Quick setup and run guidelines
RealTime VIIA7 info ing_3_3_14.pdf
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Sample QC


To analyze samples with bioanalyzer technology prepare samples according with the instruction (see "info for samples preparation" section). To access the service and put your samples in the queue before bringing the samples to Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Unit send a email to indicating:

-User name

-User group

-Funds (if not internal funds to be used) 

-number of samples

-samples label

-requested assay